If you want to make screen capture videos, then Camtasia is an obvious software choice.

But for many, the cost of Camtasia at $299 or £230 here in the UK, is just too much.

Thankfully though, Movavi Video Suite is an alternative that I think is absolutely superb, and in fact, I now use it for all my screen capture videos, as a preference to Camtasia!

Here is a video that reviews Movavi Video Suite, along with a link that will give you a further 20% discount on the price bringing it down to just $64 or £57 (including vat) in the UK.

Chris's footnote: I now use Movavi Video Suite for all of my screen capture videos instead of Camtasia. I find it far easier to use and for anyone who doesn't already own Camtasia, Movavi Video Suite is FAR cheaper! The link above the video will give you a further 20% discount for Video Suite.