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About Chris

Chris Towland is an entrepreneur who lives in Staffordshire in the UK. He has been self-employed, enjoying the freedom of working from his home office for over 14 years.

There are two main sides to Chris’s online business…

The first is helping small businesses (primarily restaurants) to get more customers. He does this with a combination of online marketing methods including viral prize draws, email marketing, Messenger bots, text marketing and social media.

The second is to help other entrepreneurs to succeed in their own online businesses. As well as all of the free articles and videos on this website, Chris offers low cost Home Business Coaching and Mentoring and also has a number of popular home business courses on the Udemy online learning platform.

Chris offers large discounts on all of his courses to readers of this website. If you’d like a discount coupon, you can claim yours from the automated Messenger bot by clicking this button…


Why is this website called “So, what do you do again?”

Since becoming self-employed, because he works from home and does lots of ‘online things’, Chris has been asked many times “so, what do you do again?” He says “If I was an electrician or a plumber then it’s easy for people to categorise and know exactly what you do for a living. But because I make my money being sat at home in front of my computer, it’s a little more difficult for people to understand how you can earn a living from that, hence the name of this website”.

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