Do any of these sound like you?

You feel like you're stuck in a rut?  Just can't decide on the best business for you?  Being held back by the technical issues needed when setting up a business?  Got lots of questions you want answered? Need someone to hold you accountable and push you to really take action? Want someone to 'hold your hand' to massively boost your chances of success? Need someone to help you get past 'shiny object syndrome'?

If so, then my coaching and mentoring program will be ideal for you!

And depending on the help you need, there's a coaching option to suit every pocket. See below for details of both my Gold Coaching and Platinum Success Accelerator options...

As your Coach and Mentor, I will be there to…

  • Brainstorm and discuss your ideas with.
  • Push you to take action.
  • Help you with technical issues that are slowing you down.
  • Suggest ideas, tips and shortcuts that will aid your progress.
  • Share the knowledge of my 20+ years in online business.
  • Share the resources that I find invaluable in my own business.
  • Point you in the right direction.
  • Help you when you get stuck.

All in all, I will be there to help you succeed with your home business!

Option 1. Gold Coaching and Mentoring

For just $27 per month (or as low as $16.42 per month if paying yearly), you get all of the following...

  • 1 to 1 access to me via email
    You can email me questions about anything to do with setting up and succeeding with your own home business. Whether you are offering a service to local businesses, affiliate marketing, creating info products or running any other type of home business, I will help you to get your business set up and working and then growing so that you increase your earnings. My replies to your emails may come in the form of a written email reply, a link to resources that will help you, or very often, a video that I record just for you, to visually answer your questions.
  • An accountability partner
    At the start of each month, I’ll email you to ask you what you’re looking to accomplish with your business that month or what steps you’re aiming to complete. Your reply to me then serves as a short term goal for you to strive towards. Studies have proved that when you’re accountable to someone else for your success, results improve dramatically. Also, I will be checking to see how much you’ve completed!
  • Free access to one of my Udemy courses each month (from month 2)
    If you don’t already own all of my home business courses on Udemy, then each month you can request free access to one of the courses. You’ll also get completely free access to any new courses that I release on Udemy.
  • Access to Private Label Rights (PLR) products
    I regularly purchase Private Label Rights to products that will help me with my own businesses. When the licenses allow, I make these available to my coaching clients at no cost.

  • Got questions about the Gold Coaching Program?  CLICK HERE to see the Gold Coaching FAQs

You can join the Gold Coaching and Mentoring Program by choosing one of these payment options...

Payment options (choose from dropdown)

Option 2. Platinum Success Accelerator

The Platinum Success Accelerator is a unique, intensive three month program for students of my Social Media Marketing business and Viral Email Marketing business courses who want to rapidly get their business set up and into profit. It's a unique mix of one-to-one coaching and a done-for-you website that can really take your business to the next level.

You get a full three months of intensive coaching, which includes all of the following...

Coronavirus Special Pricing

Usually $997 - Discounted to just $797 during CoronaVirus
(and you can split your payment over the 3 months!)

Join now - only 3 spaces available this month!

  • Up to 45 Minutes on Zoom, Skype or Phone with me every two weeks
    Having a coach and mentor that you can actually speak to regularly really can be the difference between success and never actually getting your business up and running! As a Platinum Success Accelerator client, you'll get up to 45 minutes, one-to-one with me every two weeks. These calls will usually be on Zoom so that we can see each other and so I can share my screen when I need to show you something to help your business.  But the calls could be on Skype or phone if you prefer not to appear on camera. We'll use our call time in whichever way is best to move your business forward and get you into profit quickly. So we will spend time brainstorming, deciding on the ideal plan of action for you, solving any problems or issues you are having with your business - whatever is needed each time to help you to make progress.

I recommend to anyone who is taking the Social Media Course and Email Marketing Course to go for the Platinum Coaching Package with Chris.  Since starting this course I feel like I have gone from strength to strength and it has really helped me move forward with setting the business up.  

My confidence has increased massively and we have worked in a way where we work through a set list of tasks to complete after each call.  

Anyone thinking they need extra help should just go for it.  You will not regret it, I signed up for an additional 12 months too and I really feel like I have found a great mentor. 

Ally P.

Cornwall, England


  • Priority 1 to 1 access to me via email
    As well as speaking to me every 2 weeks for the 3 months, you also get priority email access to me for a full 12 months! You can email me questions about anything to do with your business. My replies to your emails may come in the form of a written email reply, a link to resources that will help you, or very often, a video that I record just for you, to visually answer your questions.
  • An accountability partner
    As a Platinum member I'll be really pushing you to make sure you achieve what you want to achieve so in our regular calls we'll be deciding on your steps for the following week and I'll be chasing you to make sure you're on track to complete them.  
  • Done-For-You > A Website for your Social Media Business or your Viral Email Marketing Business
    Unless you already have a website for your business, I'll create one for you as part of your Platinum program. This includes... 1. the purchase of your domain name for the first year (we'll choose the ideal name for you in your first call). 2. Web hosting for your website for a full year (and after that it's just $5 per month). 3. Regular security backups of your website as well as regular software and plugin updates. 4. Your Thrive Architect license (the software for creating the website). 5. Full set up of your website including your own info, payment links etc (here's a demo version of the Social Media site and a demo version of the Viral Email site).  6. If you're a student of both my Viral Email Marketing course and the Social Media course, then I'll add pages for both services to your site.

  • Set up of your $99 Deal
    We'll work out an ideal $99 Deal that you can offer to your potential clients and then aim to get you at least five $99 Deal clients so that the cost of your Platinum Coaching is covered in full. (See Lecture 39 of the Social Media course if you don't know what a $99 Deal is).
  • Access to the Platinum Coaching Member's Area
    The member's area contains extra videos and exclusive content that are only available to Platinum Coaching Clients. These are my very best techniques for optimizing your business for maximum success and for finding more clients who will pay you month after month.

  • Free access to all of my Udemy courses
    If you don’t already own all of my home business courses on Udemy, then you can have immediate access to all of them. You’ll also get completely free access to any new courses that I release on Udemy. (Including my new course, "Productivity Success - How to achieve far more in less time" (due to launch late March/April 2021)).
  • A Secret!
    I'm also including something else that I'm not even going to tell you about until your website is all set up and running, but what I will say is this... It will actually put you ahead of 95% of all other social media and marketing companies out there!
  • The Skills and Knowledge to Profit for Years
    You'll finish the 3 months with the skills, the setup and the knowledge to run a highly profitable business for years to come.

  • Got questions about the Platinum Success Accelerator program? CLICK HERE for the Platinum FAQs.

Coronavirus Special Pricing

I was recently contacted by two course students who really wanted to go for the Platinum Success Accelerator program because they were desperate to get their businesses up and running and into profit quickly. However, due to the Coronavirus situation, they said they were struggling to pay the $997 and so asked me if I was able to help in any way.

Because I know a lot of people are finding things difficult at the moment, I've therefore decided to give a huge discount and reduce the total cost, for a limited time, from $997 to just $797

I've also decided to make things even easier and let you split the payment over the 3 months. So your payments will be... today $297, this time next month $250 and the following month $250.  Total $797.

You still get everything included, full three months of coaching, the 45 minute call with me every 2 weeks, the website with a year of web hosting, the 12 months of email support and everything else, but now for just a total of $797.

With all the time I need to dedicate to each coaching client though (with the 1 to 1 calls, website creation time etc) I can only offer this price to a total of three people this month. If you'd like one of these places, please don't leave it long to place your order.

I will remove this special pricing box when the places have gone, so if you can still see it, you're in luck!

Join the Platinum Success Accelerator Program now at the special Coronavirus pricing of just $797 via this payment button...

Whichever coaching option you choose, I look forward to helping you to succeed in your home business.

Best regards,

I first got to know about Chris Towland by taking his Social Media Marketing and Viral Email Marketing courses on Udemy. I found the courses to be easy to understand, useful and even enjoyable.

I then became aware of Chris’s Platinum Success Accelerator program. I wanted to use the material in both his social media and viral email courses to start a business but felt I needed more mentoring to make it happen. I figured that since Chris did such a good job with both the Udemy courses that he would do the same with the Platinum Success program. I have not been disappointed.

Chris has been mentoring by taking all that he has learned in running his own businesses to teach me. He is friendly, engaging and very patient.

We are now about half way through our time together and my business is virtually all set up and ready to go. I'm now excited to move on to the next step and getting my first clients.

Steve Roberts

Ohio, USA