Social Media Marketing: How Does Social Media Actually Grow a Business?

What social media channels actually WORK for business?

Mashable and other social media websites love to talk about how great social media is…

But is it really?

In reality does it actually help grow your business?

And what could work better to grow your business (and make more money)?

In today’s video, I go behind-the-scenes on how I’ve tried all the major social media channels to grow an 8-figure business with Sumo + AppSumo.

You’ll learn exactly what social media channels work for me… and which don’t.

We’ll cover:

1) Facebook
2) Google+
3) Twitter
4) LinkedIn
5) Quora

Use the tips in the video above to learn how to focus on the MOST important channels and mediums to grow your business.

Now that you have some ideas, experiment on your own. 🙂


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