How to Set and Achieve Your 2017 Goals

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Today, we’re going over a formula to achieve anything you want in life.

How to Set and Achieve Your 2017 Goals. Today we’re talking about goal setting! Now setting goals doesn’t have to put you to sleep. It’s actually one of the most powerful things you can do to stay motivated and successfully achieve what you want in 2017. This goal setting video will go over why YOU NEED to be setting goals. It will also cover what I call the “Five GOALden Rules for Setting Goals”.

Picture this. It’s December 31 2017. You achieved everything you wanted to this year. It was the best year of your life. Made more money than ever before. Paid off debt. Moved into a new place. You finally traveled checked off that that bucket list trip you’ve been dreaming of. You got in the best shape of your life, friends family complimenting you asking “How you did it?”

Now the other picture: it’s December 31 2017. Another year went by and nothing changed. You’re doing the exact same things TODAY as you are a year from now. EVERYTHING. 100% the same.

What’s the difference? The second picture is how most people go about things: WING IT. Let days come and go – do it tomorrow motto. The first picture is what we’re doing today, setting goals. Crystallizing your vision so you can achieve anything you want in life.

I’ve seen the power of goal setting work with clients I’ve coached but more importantly FIRST hand in my own life. There I was I was stuck.

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★★★ BIG IDEAS ★★★

Let me walk you through the BIGGEST 5 rules of setting goals.

1. Quantify

2. ONE BIG goal in each area Area.
Health, Business, Money, Relationships, Contribution, Travel, Adventure. (have smaller supporting goals). The number of goals you set is up to you – don’t set too many then you won’t achieve any.

A) Post in a comment below!
B) Tweet them or share publicly on social.
C) Tell your friends & family.

4. Revisit Goals EVERY DAY.
Write it in shower? Write it in Journal? Write it above bed?

5. Take Immediate Massive Action
NEVER leave the sight of setting a goal w.o doing something towards its attainment.

One of best ways to do this: Keep a journal!


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